Skin Care


PhotoKinetix Skin Care is marketed under the registered trade name DermaKinetics® and includes cleansers, pretreatments and post treatments using Mi-X™ technology.

DermaKinetics® Skin Care treatments combines DermaKinetics® light actuators with micro-complexed formulations that rapidly permeate tissues for Rejuvenation, Age Spot Removal, Whitening, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Neck & Décolleté treatments. DermaKinetics® optimizes the benefits of photobiomodulation for cellular renewal.


Oral Care

The Oral Care System combines photobiomodulation with natural, alcohol-free, water-soluble essential oils, to reduce tooth sensitivity and improve gum health, redness, and inflammation by increasing circulation and stimulating the gum tissue. The complexed oral wash and oral spray formulations use natural bioactive compounds that have been scientifically proven to kill harmful oral bacteria which is the root cause of gum disease and gingivitis.

Helps rebuild bone loss, and prevents and treats gum disease for dental implant care.

pH balanced to prevent tooth enamel erosion and facilitates remineralization of the tooth.

Alcohol-free and naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

Essential oil micro complexes prevent plague from adhering to the teeth.

Moistens the mouth and prevents dry mouth from medication.

Provides pre and post mucositis treatment to prevent and provide relief for mouth ulcers and mouth ulcer pain.

Reduces Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and inflammation from smoking to prevent and treat degenerative gum disease.

Reduces pathological bacteria in the saliva due to diabetic high glucose levels and treats gum disease which takes longer to heal with diabetes.


Personal Care


The patented and patent pending VVITA™ Personal Care Systemis a hands-free device designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, help reduce urinary incontinence and increase blood flow to reduce pain and increase moisturization.

VVITA™ Personal Care includes topical treatments designed to rejuvenate vaginal tissues.


Hair & Scalp Care

Approximately 50 million men and about 30 million women in the U.S. suffer from baldness or thinning hair due to aging of the scalp. The Hair and Scalp Care System prevents premature aging of the scalp by cleansing with organic ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells; nourishing hair follicles with bioactive compounds used with photobiomodulation to promote hair growth and cell rejuvenation; and protecting the scalp against UV and pollutants with organic micro complexes rich in antioxidants.


Rejuvenates scalp for healthy hair.

Promotes hair growth with photobiomodulation and natural bioactive micro complexes.

Improves skin conditions that affect hair growth such as eczema and psoriasis.

Keeps hair follicles in the “Awake Growing Phase” to prevent hair loss.

Prevents scalp dryness with water-soluble Mi-X™ compounds.


Pain Management


LumaFlex™ is cleanable, wearable biotechnology designed for pain management. Its lightweight, ultra-thin designs provides ease of use for chronic pain conditions.

LumaFlex™ is used in conjunction with Mi-X™ water-soluble natural, organic, anti-inflammatory compounds for drug-free pain relief.

LumaFlex™ reduces inflammation and pain by releasing nitric oxide from tissues to increase blood flow while enhancing permeation of natural bioactive compounds


Spa and Salon Care

PhotoKinetix enhances professional facials, neck treatments, post laser care, poration treatments, body care, hair and scalp care.

Professional Care


PhotoKinetix Professional Care is designed to reduce pain and increase blood flow to enhance massage treatments, physical therapies and chiropractor methods.

  • Pre-massage light actuation with natural pain-relieving bioactive compounds reduces pain and provides photobiomodulation that increases blood flow for a better therapeutic massage.
  • Ideally suited to enhance massage treatments, physical therapies and chiropractor methods by releasing nitric oxide from tissues to increase blood flow while increasing cellular absorption of pain-relieving natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds.
  • Mi-X™ senolytic-based bioactive compounds are compatible with massage oils and skin lubricants. Topicals can be used with PhotoKinetix actuation or as a standalone analgesic topical therapy.

Medical Applications


PhotoKinetix enhances physical therapy treatments from injuries by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues and facilitates intradermal delivery of natural pain relieving compounds.

PhotoKinetix actuators and complexed senolytic compounds provide pre and post mucositis treatment to prevent and provide relief of mouth ulcers from chemotherapy.


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