About PhotoKinetix

PhotoKinetix is the only patented, scientifically advanced skin care, hair care, oral care and personal care system that combines pulsed incoherent light (LED light) with biologically active topicals.

PhotoKinetix patented method uses specific light parameters, wavelengths and pulse algorithms to vibrate molecular bonds of topical compounds and water molecules within tissues. The molecular vibration actuates motion and increases tissue absorption of the bioactive topicals. Pulsed light algorithms also protects cells from thermal damage and oxidative stress.

The novel system improves topical deposition into tissues while at the same time optimizes cell mitochondria stimulation for cellular renewal and healthier tissues.

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PhotoKinetix is the only patented technology combining pulsed LED light with bioactive compounds.

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Skin Care

PhotoKinetix Skin Care is marketed under the registered trade name DermaKinetics® and includes washes, pretreatments and post treatments.

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Hair and Scalp Care

PhotoKinetix Hair and Scalp Care System prevents premature aging of the scalp by exfoliating dead skin cells; nourishing hair follicles with senolytic compounds to keep hair in the "Awake Phase" and promotes new hair growth with photobiomodulation.

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Oral Care

PhotoKinetix combines , water-soluble organic oils with photobiomodulation, to improve gum health by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation of the gum tissue.

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Personal Care

PhotoKinetix Personal Care System improves delivery of key pH balanced bioactive serums to moisturize delicate tissues while increasing blood flow to reduce inflammation and prevent tissue dryness.

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Pain Management

PhotoKinetix is the only patented system that combines pulsed LED light with bioactive topical formulations that provide natural pain relief therapies.

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Spa and Professional Treatments

PhotoKinetix is designed to reduce pain and increase blood flow to enhance massage treatments, physical therapies and chiropractor methods.

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PhotoKinetix Key Features

  • Increases intradermal and intramucosal deposition.
  • Optimizes photobiomodulation for cell rejuvenation.
  • Skin remains intact, bioactive compounds remain chemically unchanged.
  • Expandable to treat large body surface areas.

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